Developer InformationΒΆ

For better or worse, archelon is two projects in one. To help with that though, you can still run tests with just tox after having tox installed, build just the docs with tox -e docs, or just run archelond with tox -e archelond.

If you want to develop in a nice containerized environment so you don’t have to run ElasticSearch locally for example, there is also docker-compose. After running pip install docker-compose locally, you should be able to run docker-compose up and ElasticSearch and archelond will be running on port 8580 with the default credentials of admin and pass. Additionally, there is a secondary docker-compose file for the client that is connected to the server. This is a little more awkward because docker-compose isn’t really setup to run interactive containers. To get this going, just run: docker-compose -f docker-client.yml run archelonc.